8:38 PM Connecting…
8:38 PM Connected. One of our Rogers specialists will be with you shortly. Please standby, you will receive an alert when we’re available to help.
8:51 PM Support session established with Shane .
8:51 PM Shane :
Thank you for contacting Rogers Customer Care Live Support, you’ve reached Shane, how can I help you today?
8:51 PM Sean Sutherland:
8:52 PM Sean Sutherland:
a coffee would help, almost feel asleep waitng for you :-)
8:52 PM Shane :
Haha sorry for the wait.
8:52 PM Sean Sutherland:
can you actualy give me 5 min now? something important
8:53 PM Shane :
Sure thing.
8:53 PM Shane :
I will advise i will have to send anotice at the 4 minute and 6 minutes mark.
8:55 PM Sean Sutherland:
8:56 PM Shane :
Awesome, What can i help you with Sean>
8:56 PM Sean Sutherland:
i would like to change adn cancel some services
8:57 PM Shane :
Which services would you like to change and which to cancel?
8:57 PM Shane :
I will advise that for cancellations you will have to call 1-888-764-3771 ( 1-888-Rogers1 )
8:57 PM Sean Sutherland:
ok, and for changes?
8:58 PM Shane :
I can assist with that.
8:58 PM Shane :
I can certainly take a look into this for you. In order to access your account, I will require some information from you. Please click on the following secure link to enter your personal information. You will notice I requested a four digit PIN. If you do not have one associated to your account, please leave this field blank.
8:58 PM Shane :


8:59 PM Shane :
What services would you like to change?
9:00 AM Sean Sutherland:
1. received a notice that our shared plan no longer has canada wide unlimited minutes… we were promised ontario minutes forever.. is that still in effect?
9:00 AM Shane :
For the home phone?
9:01 AM Sean Sutherland:
no, my cell pones
9:01 AM Sean Sutherland:
i dont have a home phone
9:02 AM Shane :
For cell phones I do apologize but I would have to transfer you to our Wireless department.
9:03 AM Sean Sutherland:
ok, and I guess you also cannot help transfer new lines in?
9:03 AM Shane :
That is correct I can only assist in cable/internet/home phone inquiries
9:04 AM Sean Sutherland:
please transfer me
9:04 AM Sean Sutherland:
to mobile
9:04 AM Sean Sutherland:
then I will cancel cable and internet services
9:04 AM Shane :
Awesome It will just be a moment in the queue.
9:05 AM Shane :
Thank you for your loyalty, your business is appreciated. Take care and I hope you have a great day. For your reference, your Session ID number is: 270174745
9:05 AM Transferring session to another representative…
9:05 AM Support session established with Jessica.
9:06 AM Jessica:
Thank you for contacting Rogers, home of Rogers First Rewards. You have reached Jessica from Rogers Wireless Live Chat Department, How can I help you?
9:07 AM Sean Sutherland:
9:07 AM Sean Sutherland:
I need to make some changes to my mobile account
9:07 AM Sean Sutherland:
1. I receieved a notice that our shared plan will no longer have CA unlimited min. I was told that we would ALWAYS have unlimited Ontario min. Is that still true?
9:08 AM Jessica:
I would have to check into that and see.
9:08 AM Jessica:
May I ask how you retrieved that information?
9:08 AM Jessica:
In order to locate your account, may I have either your account number or the ten digit cellphone number associated with your account services?
9:09 AM Sean Sutherland:
9:10 AM Sean Sutherland:
It was a feature advertised when I signed up
9:11 AM Jessica:
In order to access your account, I will require some information from you. Please click on the following secure link to enter your personal information. You will notice I requested a four digit PIN. If you do not have one associated to your account, please leave this field blank.
9:11 AM Jessica:


9:11 AM Jessica:
In the meantime, I’ll see what I can do.
9:12 AM Jessica:
Please hold for an brief moment.
9:14 AM Sean Sutherland:
9:14 AM Sean Sutherland:
keeps beeping, whyy????
9:14 AM Jessica:
We are currently maintaining our systems resulting in intermittent impacts on our ability to access customer’s accounts and profiles at this time. Although I am unable to complete your request, I kindly ask that you contact us again later on by logging back into Live Chat at www.rogers.com/contactus between the hours of 7AM to midnight Monday to Friday, and 8AM to midnight Saturday and Sunday EST. Once we have access to our systems again, we will be able to resolve this issue for you. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
9:14 AM Sean Sutherland:
this means I cannot cancel either??
9:14 AM Jessica:
9:14 AM Sean Sutherland:
nice, wow
9:14 AM Sean Sutherland:
thanks for the time
9:15 AM Jessica:
Thank you for your loyalty, your cooperation is highly appreciated. Take care and I hope you have a lovely day.
9:15 AM Sean Sutherland:
wasted over an hour with your different departments!
9:15 AM Jessica:
We are sorry to hear of the difficulties you have experienced and understand how you may feel, we are confident that we will be able to correct this for you.
9:15 AM Sean Sutherland:
my loyalty has been stretched and is gone
9:15 AM Jessica:
Thank you for your loyalty, your cooperation is highly appreciated. Take care and I hope you have a lovely day.
9:15 AM Jessica has ended the session.

I made this simply to show HootSuite about using ATOM to post to WordPress.

Actually just showing the people from HootSuite what ATOM can do.

Click here to view the video full screen . The one below has been shrunk a LOT.

Adobe Creative Cloud Review

July 27, 2012
posted by sean

I am in love with the new montthly pricing option for ALL of the adobe products. Instead of paying thousands for their software, you can now pay as little as $29.99 month for their Creative Cloud Service. This includes most of their software, such as; Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Family, Photoshop CS6, Dreamweaver CS6, etc. For a complete lists, see my screenshot and video below.

No only do you get software, but you can also have your files sync across your different devices, such as PC, Mac, iPhone, etc. YES – You do get both Mac AND PC versions of the software included! How amazing is that!

Regular price is $49.99. If you are a teach or student they offer it for $29.99. I am in a part time University program, so I signed up for the student option.

Visit the Adobe North America Store for more information and to sign up. They do have a free trial option. I LOVE IT.

Make sure to click and check out this section:

Screenshot 1 of the Adobe Application Manager (Easy to install the software listed):


Screenshot 2 of the Adobe Application Manager:


YouTube Video I made of the easy to use Adobe Creative Cloud Service:


Don’t forget to visit the Adobe North America Store for more information and to sign up.

Make sure to click and check out this section:


Instapaper Short Review

July 24, 2012
posted by sean

If you are a news junky like me, or just come across a lot of online material through out the day that you just do not have time to read at that exact moment – then Instapaper might be the solution you never knew you needed! Use your mobile device and search for the Instapaper app.

To get more reviews out – as I do try out a LOT of products, gadgets, apps, and sites – I am going to start making some reviews short, that simply list the features I like about them, or features that I think others might find handy. Here is my first.

What is it?

  • Instapaper lets you store articles or sites that you want to read later.
  • You can then archive, delete, or move them into folders. I usually just delete – if the article contains information I might need later, then Ill simple email the article over to Evernote for storage.
  • There is a web version (which I never use) and mobile versions. I find that I use my iPad and Kindle versions mostly (I’ll get to the AMAZING Kindle feature later)

How to get articles into Instapaper to read later?

  • Email the URL of the article to a unique email address that Instapaper provides. This is my favorite feature, as I usually come across articles while browsing on my iPad. I simple email the URL and it is added to the Read Later section of Instapaper
  • Use a browser favorite tool they provide
  • Enter in URL manually from their admin after logging in (why go through that work?!)

Other features I LOVE

  • Evernote support – Want to permanently store an article and be able to search for it later? Have Instapaper add it to your Evernote account (I’ll review Evernote at a later date).
  • Kindle support – This is my favorite feature. Every day, Instapaper sends me a digest of articles I have set to read later. If you have ever read a newspaper on a Kindle, it is in this format. I love being able to come across an article while surfing, email it, and find it on my Kindle to read later. Amazing :-)

I hope you found this short review useful :-)

Till next time,

How to easily shut down the beginnings of an argument is not an easy task my friends. It takes some smarts and some practice to get the timing down. Sure, you could shut her up by saying “let’s book that amazing adventure vacation we (her) have been talking about non-stop. But then you are out $10K. And speaking as a man with simple means, I’ll take the argument and suffer rather than go that route.

The trick is to use something that does not have to be extremely expensive, but something that has some special meaning to her, and you happened to come across it one day. That my friend saves for the next argument. For those such as myself, those who tend to tune their girlfriends out and therefor have no such mysterious and handy knowledge to use in times of need; I bring you my masterpiece of social engineering.

Boys, always keep something in the trunk or hidden away, or if you are close to Shoppers Drug Mart then you do not have to keep stock. Keep something that you think is cheesy yet what girls always use or want. $50 – $100 Perfume is good. Flowers are not, since you cannot keep them for long. If you fight 4 or 5 times a week and cannot afford therapy, they flowers might be the way to go for you. For me it is $100 perfume.

You have to time it right. You cannot bring it out during an argument…. that does not work with cheap gifts. It would work with the $10K vacation talked about earlier, but that is not acceptable to us mere semi-professional debt-slaves. If you bring a cheap gift out during the argument you are out $100 and still have an argument.

The trick is to pay attention when you enter your home. Yes, I know… attention. But these 15 minutes of attention could be the most important 15 minutes of your day.

If you notice a stern look as you enter the house…. take a quick look around.

Did you put your dishes in dishwasher? NO.

Left pee on toilet seat AND floor? CHECK.

Since those are pretty bad ones, check for the small stuff that means you are in DEEP.

Pillows on sofa mushed and not in place? UH OH.

Your copy of Bloomberg weekly or Canadian Business folded at article you are reading AND also not in neat pile on shelf under coffee table? It is Ok to sweat at this point fella’s. I sweat and panic around noticing my leftover Pee on Floor.

IPhone charging on kitchen counter with cord not tidy? That is more than enough guys… you have reached the point where you know $100 is WORTH IT. Heck, I usually realize at point of entering house and noticing the partner trying to hid the stern look for now, waiting for her perfect moment to nail you with what you cannot help but do. Can we as men really change what our DNA tells us to do? Anyways, even though I know at point of stern look, I hold out for hope and continue the check list anyways. I might get lucky and it could be a favorite aunt just died, or someone just found out they have terminal cancer. Never have I been lucky with timing like that, but the odds are with me gentlemen. I will get a freebie one day.

Anyways, back to the job at hand…


Before she has a chance to say anything, quickly mention; “OH, I got you a small something when I was at shoppers for my quitting smoking patches.” (The mention of quitting smoking and getting patches might push it over the edge and she might catch on – practice first. I have been burned many times; it took a lot of trial and error to get it right. I’ve lost many $100 gifts and still had to sit through trying to zone out an hour argument. Start small. It is hard to watch the game with someone yelling at you.)

Run down to garage like you are so excited to get something for her. I think this helps build up a level of excitement for the surprise gift. It is in their genes. They get very excited at the thought of a surprise gift, out of the blue, without any hits on her part. Something about you thinking about her when not around – it makes them feel good or something. I think this is what enables them to fall for it. They let their emotions get in the way of thinking straight. Their brain puts out some sort of “he really loves me” serum. I do not know definite details; I am no expert on this topic.

Finish it off with by using what you think the argument was going to be about. This makes it look like you really do care and you really are trying to change.

“I was thinking about how much you do around here for me and I never really show you any appreciation for it. The lady asked what type of person you are; ‘Not pretensions, but loves nice things.’  And her ‘Favorite perfume is Coco.’

Make sure it is in proper store bag and mention you did not have time to properly wrap it as you spent too much time trying to find the right one. Mention that “You wish she was there to help pick it out, but that would ruin the surprise.”

The helpful lady came out with this Burberry stuff and I loved it. I thought it would smell great on you. I hope you like it… if you don’t; we can take it back right now and get you something you do like.”

Argument avoided. For only 10 minutes of your time and $100. PLUS, you will definitely be getting some loved love that evening.

Take ‘er easy bros, and

Don’t work too hard – Get others to!



WorkZone – Project Management “Made Easy”

April 30, 2012
posted by sean

In my line of work, I tend to try out a lot of different software solutions for different objectives. Over the next few days I will give a short review of some of the Project Management software solutions I have tried.

Our company signed up for WorkZone. http://workzone.com/, after going through a quick walk through demo with them. For people new to project management software, WorkZone comes across as very easy to use, and looks very powerful – over a 10 minute demo. The system is NOT cheap for what you get. Others might look more expensive – but after using other systems – I find you get what you pay for. (Except with Prospecteev which I will review later. They are low cost AND GREAT!).

WorkZone only offers one platform, the Web. Other systems have slick iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac and Windows apps that make adding tasks and organizing projects much faster than going through links on a web site. I also find that their site does not seem well laid out, and it is difficult finding the project and task you want to work on. At first, there was no support for linking to MS WebApps, such as OneNote documents. For us, that was a huge deal, as our company shares everything online, as we collaborate on everything.

I found their Document Manager pretty much useless. It seemed like they put so much effort into this area, but I doubt many actually use it. Their coding time could be better spent making the site easier to navigate, or maybe even adding desktop applications to allow for faster usage of the system.

After having had their software for about 6 months, I realized that our team was not using it. I tried multiple things, like contests based on finding things listed in tasks, and rewarding those that used the system.

After asking to cancel, I was surprised to be told that we were locked into a 1 year contract. This is on top of a steep setup fee. Usually if one is locked into a contract, it is to make up for something that costs the vendor. But in this situation, we paid a hefty setup fee. What is the need for a contract other than to tie people into something they don’t want? I am only guessing here, but I’d say they need to lock people in as most will want to cancel after a few months.

To sum it up, WorkZone would be a decent choice at a MUCH lower price point, such as almost free. But for what they charge, I would definitely not consider them. There are a LOT of other options out there, with much better price points, and with much more value.

Clarins Skin Difference – Prep and Shave

April 26, 2012
posted by sean

Skin Difference by Clarins is a product used to soften and prep your beard for shaving. As stated in the directions, I applied it to my face and beard before bed. Yes, it is also a moisturizer for night time use. The product feels almost like their Shave Ease product, but with less of an oil feel and more of a moisturizing feel.

I liked it. In the morning, my beard was soft and almost said it wanted to be shaved. Along with my usual Clarins Shave Ease and Aveeno gel shave, the shave was better than normal. My blade glided across my skin with no effort, hairs did not put any resistance, and I was left with a close shave and importantly, NO razor burn!

I would highly recommend Clarins Skin Difference for those with heavy growth. For myself, I only shave with a manual blade once per week, and only if I don’t shave for a few days and therefor have a lot of growth. That is when I will use this product. For those with slow growth such as myself, we can get away with simply applying Clarins Shave Ease before using an automatic shaver in the morning.

Clarins Skin Difference

Clarins Skin Difference

Rogers and their odd billing practices

April 25, 2012
posted by sean

While I do not want to make silly accusations that this is a big corporate conspiracy, it does not look good for Rogers that their billing department can be said by some to make many mistakes on bills… and all or most seem to be in Rogers favor. I am sure have heard many complaints from friends about Rogers, or read the many threads on social media forums about their hated billing dept. I am starting to document my issues here, on my blog, where probably people will read it and care.

My latest issue – and definitely NOT my first!

I now have a choice for TV and fast Internet. I called in to cancel Rogers since Bell Fibe TV is now in my area of downtown Toronto. Rogers, being as great as they are, generously offered me an offer I could not refuse. A free HD PVR rental and 30% off my cable and Internet plan, for 1 year, with a 1 year contact. I took it, of course!

Now comes the bill. Of course I am charged for the rental, and there is of course no mention of a discount. My first email to them denied I was offered a discount or free rental. I provided proof in the way of a reference ticket. Finally they agreed. I will let every one know if they take effect on my next bill with a credit. I doubt it though. I have a feeling I will have to call back for the credit, and some other item will be missed.

Starbucks Gold Status!

January 13, 2012
posted by sean

I have been upgraded to Starbucks Gold Status, and just received my gold card in the mail.

I am not sure if I should be proud, or embarrassed that I have fallen into a corporate trap to purchase a lot of overpriced caffeinated beverages.

Either way, I look forward to free refills, free birthday coffee, and other “freebies.”

Here is a low quality iPhone pic of my card:

My Starbucks Gold Card

My Starbucks Gold Card

Dear LG, customer support

December 22, 2011
posted by sean

To whom it may concern,

We purchased few LG household appliances, which included an LG drying machine.

It is out of warranty, and we need to have it repaired. The repair service company that you refered us to provided horrible customer service, and they are quite expensive. They will also not send two people to help pull the dryer out of its spot (in a small space, stacked).

We asked LG to refer us to a different service company. There is no one else in our area, which is odd since we live in Toronto.  The repair company is ElIte Appliance. They are extremely rude, and their fees just to visit and diagnose are OBSCENE ($98 x 2 $196). That is before taxes and only includes a visit to figure out what the problem is. Who knows what it will cost after that, but considering the diagnose fee, the repair fees must be horrendous.  It is almost worth it for us to simply go out an purchase a new dryer, considering the fees might end up being $200-???.

We decided to simply skip LG out of the repair service and try and go with a 3rd party repair service. However, nobody is willing to repair our LG products. Everyone is saying that LG parts department is extremely difficult to work with.

If find that EXTREMELY disconcerting.

One; Our product stops working after a tad less than 2 years. This is not the issue however, things do stop working, it happens. But one should be able to get them repaired at a fair price.

Two; More troublesome though, is that LG forces ONE repair company on us for repairs. A repair company that is extremely pricey and that is very rude. I am guessing they can get away with their horrible customer service since they are the only company providing repairs for LG products in our area of Toronto.

Three; Another troublesome point. No other repair company will work on LG products since the LG parts department is frustrating to work with.

After this experience, I will not be able to every buy an LG product again. No matter how great the product features, or how great the pricing is, we will never consider an LG product. How can one, when LG does not support a vibrant and affordable after purchase support experience.

I am guessing everyone says this, and I doubt anyone at LG will care – but I will also mention this story with friends and others at every opportune moment. Over dinner parties when the wives are talking about cute new colorful steam washers and dryers, new dishwashers,  Etc – I will be happy to jump in with my LG experience. When the guys are talking about a hot new 3D television, I will be happy to jump in with my LG experience. And so on.


Unhappy (former) LG consumer

Sean Sutherland